Cleveland Heights Zoning Amendments Include Bicycle Parking Spaces

Cleveland Heights is nearing the end of a two-year project to update its Zoning Code to reflect sustainability considerations.  The process to adopt the amendments to the Zoning Code affords residents three opportunities to provide comments.  Bicyclists living in Cleveland Heights should take advantage of the public comment opportunities if they want to improve any of the proposed changes, but especially the new “Bicycle Parking Spaces” section. Here’s how the process works.  On February 21, 2012, Cleveland Heights City Council referred proposed amendments to the Planning Commission for review.  The Planning Commission will be briefed on and discuss the suggested changes at its regular meeting on Wednesday, March 14.  The Planning Commission is currently accepting public comments on the amendments.  City Council will hold a public hearing on the amendments to the Zoning Code on Thursday, March 26, from 7-9 p.m. at the Community Center, 1 Monticello Boulevard.  Thereafter, the Planning Commission will accept more public comment and make recommendations for the revised Code at its regular meeting on April 11.  If all goes well, City Council will adopt the revisions to the Zone Code at its meeting on Monday evening, April 16.
To view a copy of the Zoning Code with the proposed amendments highlighted in yellow, click

Pages 133-135 deal with Bicycle Parking Spaces and a related requirement for showers and lockers in certain kinds of new construction.

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