Mission Statement

The mission of the Heights Bicycle Coalition is to educate and encourage Heights community members to use bicycles as a sustainable and healthy form of transportation and recreation.

  • Increase awareness and the reality of Cleveland Heights and surrounding communities as outstanding communities for bicyclists and bicycling.
  • Educate the community about the bicycle as a sustainable and healthy form  of transportation and recreation.
  • Increase participation of residents of all demographics in bicycling for commuting and recreation.
  • Enhance perceptions and the reality of safety for bicyclists using all Heights roads.
  • People who already use bicycles for commuting and/or recreation, because we want them to identify their desires and concerns and, if possible, take leadership in finding solutions, including effective ways to work with municipal and regional governments, business districts, schools, churches and other organizations to improve the existing infrastructure and practices.
  • People who don’t use bicycles for commuting and/or recreation but could, because we want more people to enjoy the benefits of bicycling and believe that more people bicycling will increase the attractiveness, safety and health of our community.
  • School children, because we want the next generation to appreciate the joys of bicycling.
  • The right government agencies and employees, from Heights communities, NOACA, state and federal bodies, because becoming more bicycle safe and friendly requires their support and, in come cases, active participation.
  • The media, both traditional and social, because they are a conduit for reaching all of the above audiences.
Key Messages
  • Heights communities are already leading bicycle communities nationally as measured by bicycle usage and infrastructure, but we can do even better.
  • Heights communities have great opportunities to improve bicycling infrastructure, promotion, education and awareness of existing strengths that will enhance the attractiveness and value of our communities.
  • The Heights Bicycle Coalition is dedicated to realizing the Heights’ full potential as first-rate cycling communities.
  • The Heights Bicycle Coalition looks forward to productive collaboration with municipal governments, schools, other Heights organizations, as well as relevant regional agencies and partners, to elevate our standing as bicycle friendly communities.
  • Position the Heights as an area that is committed to becoming increasingly bicycle friendly.
  • Collaborate with city governments, regional government agencies and schools, businesses and non-profit organizations to move forward on implementing bicycle friendly actions and programs.
  • Continue community education and outreach programming such as participation in the Safe Routes to School program, coordination of after school bike clubs and bike rodeos at local elementary schools, organization and leading of community social rides and sponsoring safe cycling courses.
  • Have a table at significant community events with information about the HBC and regional cycling and alternative transportation efforts
  • Work with the media to increase awareness of bicycling and our organization (and how to join). The media relations effort can include the Heights Observer, Sun Press, Plain Dealer, Patch, TV and radio stations. Prep work can include fact sheets, press releases, talking points and sound bites.
  • Continue to develop our social media outreach.
  • Continue to develop our structure as a registered 501 (c)(3) organization and maintain the proper insurance for our organization.
  • Identify members for our Education and Encouragement, Engineering committees who will be active contributors to the success of our organization.