Bicycle Riding Technique

Am I allowed to ride a bicycle while sitting on the handlebars or standing on pegs, like on BMX bicycles?

No. Bicyclists must ride while seated in a normal, firmly attached seat (373.02b). Furthermore, multiple riders are not allowed to ride on one bicycle, unless the bicycle is designed to carry more than one person, such as a tandem. (373.02g).

Am I allowed to carry a package in one arm, and steer my bicycle with another?

No. Both hands must be used to steer the bicycle (373.02f).

I’ve seen videos of bikers holding onto taxicabs. Is this legal?

This is illegal in Ohio (373.03; 4511.54A); both the bicyclist and driver may be charged with a misdemeanor.

Are bikers allowed to ride three abreast or more?

Bicyclists are only allowed to ride two abreast; any more is in violation of the law (373.04).

Is there a law prohibiting me from carrying a child on my bicycle, assuming I use a seat or trailer that is firmly attached to my bike?

If you’re safely using a secured seat or trailer, then it’s legal for you to carry your child (4511.53c)

I ride a “fixie,” a bicycle that doesn’t have brakes. Is this legal?

Bicycles must be equipped with adequately working brakes when ridden on public streets or freeways (373.06c; 4511.56D). If your bike doesn’t have brakes, it’s unlikely that the law would consider this “adequate.”

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