Research Documents Positive Benefits of Walking or Biking to School

By Heights Bicycle Coalition / February 28, 2013

For the third year in a row, with the support of the Cleveland Heights-University Heights City School District, the Heights Bicycle Coalition will be promoting Walk or Bike School Day in May (on May 8 this year).   Recent research confirms that children who walk or bike to school are better able to concentrate that others. …

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Bicycling Benefits Everyone

By Heights Bicycle Coalition / April 19, 2012

An article in the April 18, 2012 Christian Science Monitor explains why bicycling is good for everyone, including motorists:

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Cleveland Heights Zoning Amendments Include Bicycle Parking Spaces

By Heights Bicycle Coalition / February 29, 2012

Cleveland Heights is nearing the end of a two-year project to update its Zoning Code to reflect sustainability considerations.  The process to adopt the amendments to the Zoning Code affords residents three opportunities to provide comments.  Bicyclists living in Cleveland Heights should take advantage of the public comment opportunities if they want to improve any…

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Commute by Car? Be ready to dish out $4K/year

By Heights Bicycle Coalition / December 21, 2010

The folks over at have published two nifty infographics ranking “America’s Best and Worst Commutes.” Cleveland ranks 34th on the list with commuters spending on average $343 per month to pay for gas and other automobile expenses (that’s $4,116/year!). For $4,000, a bicycle commuter could: Buy a 2011 Specialized Carbon Fiber Elite Apex ($2K) Buy…

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Camiros: Bicycle Parking Zoning Laws

By Heights Bicycle Coalition / December 8, 2010

Earlier this year, the city of Cleveland Heights hired the Chicago consulting firm Camiros to review how our zoning laws could be “greener.” Whether it’s to allow chicken coops on residential property, or to reduce the amount of asphalt at Severance Town Center, there are a number of things Cleveland Heights could do to become more environmentally sustainable.…

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No ridiculous car trips

By Heights Bicycle Coalition / November 30, 2010

A friend of the CHBC submitted this short documentary detailing a brilliant bike-advocacy campaign to encourage people to bike rather than drive. How? Clever marketing, surprise gift-giving, and a contest to win a bike! Do you see this happening in Cleveland Heights? It’d be great to get a campaign like this started, but it seems…

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Winter Biking Safety Tips

By Heights Bicycle Coalition / November 22, 2010

With potential snowfall looming over the horizon, late November is great time to get your bike, wardrobe, and psyche ready for winter cycling. Here are some tips on how to stay safe on your bike this winter: 1. Be Seen Lights and reflective gear are a must, especially in winter riding when motorists simply don’t expect…

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Cleveland Heights Bicycle Crash Data

By Heights Bicycle Coalition / November 12, 2010

Lois Moss from Walk and Roll has been working with the Northeast Ohio Areawide Coordinating Agency (NOACA) and the Ohio Department of Transportation (ODOT)  on a bicycle safety initiative. Communities across the greater Cleveland area are candidates to receive funding from ODOT to help educate cyclists to help lower bike/car crashes. Richard Wong, Cleveland Heights’…

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Study: Three Different Types of Cyclists

By Heights Bicycle Coalition / November 6, 2010

A Portland, OR engineering firm has found three different types of cyclists in Ashland, Portland, as well as in other US cities. Approximately 0.5 percent of the population can be classified as “strong and fearless,” and will bike on any road conditions. Seven percent represent the “enthused and confident” cyclists who prefer direct, unimpeded, quick…

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Dear Motorist

By Heights Bicycle Coalition / October 28, 2010

Editorial note: Sam Bell (AKA: the “lusty wrench”) is a Cleveland Heights cyclist who submitted this letter to address proper intersection etiquette between cyclists and motorists. If you’d like to add a tip, please leave a comment below. ***** Dear Motorist, I appreciate your courtesy in waving my bike through the intersection. But, really, I’d…

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