Should You Apply to Serve on the Cleveland Heights Transportation Advisory Committee?

Cleveland Heights City Council recently created a Transportation Advisory Committee and is now looking for members to serve on the TAC.  Please consider now, because applications are due by November 25!

The purpose of the Committee shall be to provide a means for the community to obtain information about matters related to transportation within Cleveland Heights and about the City’s connectivity to nearby regions.  The Committee will also make recommendations to Council on transportation plans for the City.

The Committee will have 10 members appointed by Council and three City staff.  Appointed members shall include residents to represent the interests of the following: bicyclists, pedestrians, transit users, disabled persons, the educational community in the CH-UH School District and the Cleveland Heights business community.

For information about the Committee and an application, go to the City’s website.  Click on City Hall, then on Government, then on Boards and Commissions.  Look for the Transportation Advisory Committee, which has a link to the application.  Alternatively, you can go to this page for information about the TAC and an application:


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