Contact Your State Rep for Safer Cycling

Support safer streets for Ohio bicyclists by asking your State Representative to pass HB 145, which includes two provisions to help Ohio bicyclists.

1. Ohio law already requires  that motorists pass bicyclists leaving a safe passing distance. HB 145 sets the safe passing distance as “not less than 3 feet”. Over twenty states already have a 3-foot rule.  The AAA and the League of American Bicyclists endorse this rule which can help with education and enforcement of safe driving practices.

2. Ohio law already lists situations in which vehicles may procede through an intersection when a traffic signal isn’t working.  HB 145 adds another – “Failure of a vehicle detector to detect the vehicle.” This is a common problem for bicyclists who can be stuck waiting until a car triggers a detector.

HB 145 is scheduled to be taken up by the Transportation, Public Safety and Homeland Security Committee in September. Please contact your State Representative and ask them to Support HB-145.