Try Out the New Bike Racks

Generous donations from six HBC donors will add five more bike racks to the dozens that the City of Cleveland Heights has already installed.

Long-time Heights resident Charles King donated a bike rack for the Post Office. King requested that the rack be installed with the inscription: “You are helping by cycling when you can,” which he saw on a WWII poster in New Zealand’s National Museum.

Other HBC-funded bike rack locations are Coventry Peace Park and The Rockefeller Building at Mayfield and Lee. All racks will be installed this summer.

King began biking to work at CWRU 34 years ago for economic reasons but has kept at it for the physical and mental health benefits.  King enjoys bicycle-related vacations, and donated a rack in honor of his bicycle tour of New Zealand.

HBC’s Engineering Committee spearheaded the Donate a Bike Rack Campaign. “We know that having conveniently located bike racks makes transportation cycling just a little easier,” said Committee Chair Deborah Riemann. “And we thought that this would be a great opportunity for residents to show their support for cycling,” she said.

There are already many bike racks in the Heights, and with the coming streetscape redesigns of Cedar-Lee and Cedar-Fairmount, even more racks will be installed by the business districts and City of Cleveland Heights.

Riemann recently graduated from CSU with a Master of Urban Planning, Design and Development and has brought her expertise to the committee’s work.

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