Aug 17 Bike Ride to Feature Trees

Trees! We need them to feel cool and connected. They add to the beauty of our neighborhoods, improve air and water quality, and increase the property values of our homes.

Join the Heights Bicycle Coalition for a Tree Ride on Wednesday, August 17, 6:30 p.m., beginning at the CH-UH Schools Delisle Center, 14780 Superior Blvd. The approximately four mile ride will feature information about the state of our regional tree health and local efforts to plant and tend more trees on public and private land. Also included will be tips about how to plant and tend your own trees.

The ride will include four stops at points of special interest and will end at Boulevard School, 1749 Lee Road. Rain date is Thursday, August 18, starting at the same time and place.

To see a map the regional tree density, see the Cuyahoga Co Planning Commission’s Urban Tree Canopy Tree Assessment.

The ride will be led by Sue Wolpert and Laura Marks, local tree enthusiasts.

Planting and tending trees is a joyous act of hope and optimism.