Summer 2020

I would have to say that Summer 2020 is definitely one for the books.  Some of you may have been new to cycling this summer; others like me may have had the opportunity to ride a lot more this season.  Whatever the case, this summer has definitely brought about changes, specifically in the cycling world.  

Just because the summer has come to a close, it does not mean your cycling has to stop.  Yes, the weather will be a deterrent for most but those brave enough to continue the fun on two wheels should find the following tips helpful.  

  1. When it comes to a drop in temperature, your first thought is to bundle up but you do not want to make that mistake.  Your body will start to heat up as you start riding.  You do want to dress in layers; so be sure to add layers that are light and easy to shed.  Start with a base layer that contains fabric that quickly wicks moisture from your body.  Then, layer it with a  lightweight, wind-resistant jacket or vest. For your bottoms, just be sure to wear something long enough to cover your knees. Arm and leg warmers are perfect as they can be rolled up or removed as you become warmer. 
  2. You may want to consider covering your head with a thin skull cap, headband, or a bandana.
  3. To avoid numb thumbs, you may want to wear the full-fingered gloves and save the fingerless gloves for warmer temperatures. 
  4. Of course with less daylight, you want to be sure to have proper lighting that is visible from about 500 feet.  You should have a white light on the front of your bike and a red light (usually flashing) on the back of your bike. 
  5. There is no such thing as over accessorizing when it comes to visibility, so in addition to the lights there is always room for reflectors that come in many forms.  You can wear a reflector vest or use reflector tape or stickers on your bike or your person.
  6. Just like during the summer months, stay hydrated.  Although you may not seem to be as thirsty due to the lower temperatures it is important to replace fluids being lost while cycling. 

Happy riding and most important enjoy the changing of the season. 

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