Park rides: alternatives for beginner riders and families

Summers are beautiful in Northeast Ohio. Heights residents have multiple options when choosing to go out and safely enjoy them by bike. Our communities have beautiful neighborhoods that can be explored by bicycle. We also have a variety of parks where riders can leisurely ride by themselves or with their families without having to worry (for the most part) about traffic. Below are some of the Heights Community parks easily accessible by bicycle.

Cleveland Heights

The city of Cleveland Heights has several parks with trails suitable for bicycling, such as Forest Hill Park, Cumberland Park, and Cain Park. Each of the aforementioned parks has its own character, but they are technically connected. Forest Hills Park has trails that go from the East Cleveland side of the park to the Cleveland Heights section. The trails borders take riders by a lagoon, pavilion, and areas devoted to diverse activities. The park ends at the Cleveland Heights Community Center at the intersection of Monticello and Mayfield Rds. Across the street, riders can reach Cumberland Park. The trail continues through the park and can be followed until it reaches the intersection of Lee and Superior Roads. On the other side, riders can continue on Cain Park and follow the trails until the end of the park on Taylor Rd. 

Shaker Heights

Heights residents may be familiar with the more visible bike lanes across the Shaker Lakes and the Lake to Lake trail. However, the Shaker Median Trail might be a little less known given that most of the trail isn’t visible to drivers. This beautiful park features a 1.5-mile paved trail that runs along the south side of the Shaker Boulevard median between Warrensville and Sulgrave. For those looking for a longer ride, the park connects with an additional 1.5 miles of paved trails in Beachwood and Pepper Pike. This trail crosses main intersections (e.g. Green Rd and Richmond Rd.), so riders need to be careful and follow the traffic signs. 

South Euclid

Oakwood Green Park is a gem located in the City of South Euclid. This small yet beautiful park has a paved trail. It is located just behind Oakwood Commons with an entrance on E Antisdale Rd. Those looking for longer rides in South Euclid may opt instead to ride in the Euclid Creek Reservation. The multipurpose trails go through the cities of South Euclid and Euclid. The Euclid side of the trails is more suitable for beginner and intermediate riders while the South Euclid Section is a bit harder due to the steeper incline. 

University Heights

University Heights streets are beautiful, and its homes are known for having beautiful gardens. Rides along the beautiful neighborhoods are inspiring. But riders and their families can also enjoy Walter Stinson Community Park. This is the smallest park on this list, but it is still joyful and vibrant. It features trails that go around the playground and other community areas. 

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