Improving bike infrastructure means boots on the ground. We need volunteers to help us accomplish the numerous campaigns to make Cleveland Heights truly bicycle friendly. Please provide your name, email, and other details below, and we’ll contact you once volunteer opportunities arise.

Volunteer Roles

Coalition Officers

Coalition Officers direct the pace and course of the organization. Whether you’re interested in taking responsibility for a League of American Bicyclist’s campaign’s category, or you’d like to help manage funding, volunteers, or events, a position as a C.O. would be a great opportunity to help Cleveland’s cycling community.

Campaign Leaders

Campaign Leaders take charge of specific campaigns, helping connect the Coalition Officers with the Volunteers. Perhaps you feel strongly about encouraging businesses to install bike racks, or you’d like to start a “helmet drive” to offer safety to the public, a position as a campaign leader is the best way to turn theory into action.


Volunteers are on-the-call to help the Coalition fullfil certain needs. For instance, in August over 40 people attended the Cleveland Heights city council meeting to ask for improved bicycle infrastructure. If you’d like to get involved in Cleveland Heights’ bike community, sign up now!

Website Contributors

Website Contributors share their ideas and photos on our website. We’re looking for bike enthusiasts to help foster Cleveland Heights’ thriving bicycle infrastructure.