Cleveland Heights passes a Complete & Green Streets Policy

The City of Cleveland Heights has been working since 2015 on a Complete & Green Streets Policy and City Council officially adopted it on May 7 during National Bike Month.

As Cleveland Heights explained it in their newsletter, “This action supports a belief that many roads have room for improvement. Due to advancements in the field of transportation engineering, adoption of best practices can change our roads to balance the needs of pedestrians, bicyclists, bus riders and persons of all abilities with the need for smooth flow of motorists. Such changes have been found to markedly improve comfort and safety and reduce the frequency and severity of injuries for all users. The City will join 1200 other jurisdictions that have adopted a policy that directs staff to protect all users of the road with special emphasis on those most vulnerable.”

You can read the full policy here:

The National Complete Streets Coalition is part of Smart Growth America.