Transportation Advisory Committee Recommends Complete Streets Policy

The city of Cleveland Heights created a Transportation Advisory Committee (TAC) that launched in January 2014 to improve transportation access for bicyclists, pedestrians and transit users of all ages and abilities. The TAC includes citizens and city officials and will make recommendations on transportation issues and programs to City Council.

After meeting monthly since the group formed, the members recommended that the city adopt a Complete Streets Policy, which will incorporate the best elements from the more than 700 states, counties and municipalities that have already adopted these policies.

A Complete Streets Policy would require street construction to consider including infrastructure that would make transportation safe and convenient for all users – not just for drivers of motorized vehicles.

On February 9, the TAC officially recommended that the city adopt a Complete Streets Policy in a presentation to the City Council. The group’s co-chair, Howard Maier, presented information about the suggested policy.

During the presentation, Richard Wong, Director of Planning and Development for Cleveland Heights explained that Cleveland Heights has long been unofficially leading a Complete Streets vision in the roadwork that has been completed or recently designed.

A Complete Streets policy would provide an official vision that all road construction consider all users. The policy doesn’t require that the city commit to all of the recommendations within Complete Streets – just that the city attempt to adhere to the vision when finances and project scope allow for it.

The council was supportive of the policy and will probably vote on the policy in May, National Bike Month.

The citizen members of the Cleveland Heights Transportation Advisory Committee are:

  • Marc Lefkowitz, Co-Chair
  • Howard Maier, Co-Chair
  • Chris Cummings
  • Julie Lustic
  • Charlie Mosbrook
  • Sarah O’Keeffe
  • Akshai Singh
  • Gary Schumacher

Joseph Calabrese, or his designee, represents RTA

The Cleveland Heights City staff and council representative are:

  • Richard Wong, Planning
  • Andre Spencer, Public Works
  • Officer Ben Osowski, Police
  • Jennifer Kuzma, Community Relations (TAC staff person)
  • Mary Dunbar, Council Liaison