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Archive for December 2010

Commute by Car? Be ready to dish out $4K/year

The folks over at have published two nifty infographics ranking “America’s Best and Worst Commutes.” Cleveland ranks 34th on the list with commuters spending on average $343 per month to pay for gas and other automobile expenses (that’s $4,116/year!). For $4,000, a bicycle commuter could: Buy a 2011 Specialized Carbon Fiber Elite Apex ($2K) Buy…

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Camiros: Bicycle Parking Zoning Laws

Earlier this year, the city of Cleveland Heights hired the Chicago consulting firm Camiros to review how our zoning laws could be “greener.” Whether it’s to allow chicken coops on residential property, or to reduce the amount of asphalt at Severance Town Center, there are a number of things Cleveland Heights could do to become more environmentally sustainable.…

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