Sharrows Project

Over the last two months, the CHBC has been collaborating with the Cleveland Heights city manager and planner, as well as University Circle Incorporated (UCI), to finalize a strategy to make Cleveland Heights more bicycle friendly. Below, you’ll find two maps that we’ve been using.

The Cleveland Heights Sharrows Project

As we’ve been publicizing, five roads have been targeted. In order of priority, these roads are: 1) Euclid Heights Boulevard, 2) Edgehill Road, 3) Coventry Road, 4) Lee Boulevard, and 5) Fairmount Boulevard. The first two are expected to be completed no later than December 1st.

Past, Present, and Future Cleveland Heights Bike Infrastructure

The map below shows all the past, present, and future bike infrastructure in CH. The city border is shown with the black dotted line.


In purple, you’ll see all the bike infrastructure that has been installed to date:

  • The bike lanes around Severance Town Hall
  • The multi-use paths in Cain, Cumberland, and Forest Hills Parks
  • And the bike route on Monticello Boulevard.

In red, you’ll see the sharrows project, also shown in the map above.


In green and blue, you’ll see roads that have been targeted as candidates for increased bicycle amenities. The blue represents roads targeted by NOACA and are candidates for federal funding; the green shows roads that the CHBC and UCI have targeted after considering how these roads are used by cyclists and RTA transit commuters.

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