Paid Membership

You can make a difference by becoming a member of the Heights Bicycle Coalition!  We need your support to help us to continue to:

  • Create a unified voice in the Heights cycling community that advocates for a more bike friendly communities
  • Work with the Heights area governments on bike infrastructure projects
  • Advocate for youth cycling initiatives, including Safe Routes to School
  • Increase the number of bike racks and encourage people to use their bicycles for transportation, fitness and fun

Support our activities through your annual membership contribution.

You can print this form and mail it with your check to:

Heights Bicycle Coalition
PO Box 18083
Cleveland Heights OH 44118

or you can donate on line by clicking the Donate button in the footer.

Membership opportunities:


$15 Student or Senior Membership
$25 Individual Membership
$50 Family Membership
$75 Honorable Mention Bicycle Friend
$125 Bronze Bicycle Friend
$250 Silver Bicycle Friend
$500 Gold Bicycle Friend
$1000+ Platinum Bicycle Friend